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Column moving milling center


  • Product description:
    1. The machine tool adopts full casting structure, which has strong vibration absorption and high accuracy retention.
    2. The X65 series column adopts the gantry structure, which has a large supporting area and strong structural rigidity, which can realize rapid movement in the Y direction, avoiding the shortcomings of the slow movement of the traditional column and the center of gravity shift.
    3. The X65 series Z axis adopts four 45mm roller linear guides, distributed in four directions, strong rigidity, fast speed and high precision.
    4. The X-direction sliding seat adopts a high-low drop layout of the line rail base, which effectively improves the cutting resistance.
    5. The system head adopts linear movement parallel to the X direction, and the support adopts 45mm linear guide rail, which is convenient for tool setting and convenient operation when processing long workpieces.
    6. The bed and the workbench are of an integrated structure, with rigidity and stability. The workbench adopts super audio frequency quenching, hardness HRC48-52, it can still maintain accuracy for long-term use, and wear is small.
    7. This machine tool is especially suitable for the processing of long workpieces, and it can also be processed in different regions, and the clamping is carried out while processing, realizing the function of the exchangeable worktable, which solves the problem of long-term use of the exchangeable workbench.
    8. X-direction adopts imported high-precision grinding gear rack transmission, high precision and fast speed.
    9. The machine tool adopts fully enclosed pull cover, cutting and cutting fluid will not splash, can be effectively collected, and effectively protect the production environment.
Parameter Unit CMV665/865/1265 Parameter Unit CMV665/865/1265
Table size m 0.6×6/8/12 Feeding speed m/min 0-15
T slot mm 5×18 Rapid speed m/min 60/30/30
Table loading t 10/12/20 ATC capacity   24
X travel m 6/8/12 Positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Y/Z travel mm 600×500 Repeatable positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Spindle nose to table mm 150-650 Total weight t 32/38/46
Spindle inner taper   BT50 (BT40/option) Dimensions m 9.5/11.5/15×3.5×3.5
Spindle speed rpm 8000 (10000/option) Control system   Siemens 828D, Fanuc 0i MF

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