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Vert./Hori. milling center

Horizontal milling center:500/630

  • Product description:
    1. Large spindle power and strong cutting force, suitable for low-speed processing of cast iron and steel, especially for processing large molds;
    2. Large stroke and wide processing range;
    3. Add imported CNC turntable to realize one-time clamping and process four sides;
    4. Add FAGOR high-speed precision grating ruler to achieve ultra-precision processing requirements.
Parameters Unit HC500 HC630 Parameters Unit HC500 HC630
Table size mm 500×500 630×630 Table indexing   4×90°(option: 5°, 1°, 0.001°)
T slot mm 5×18 Indexing accuracy   2″ (12″/5°, 1°, 0.001°)
Table loading Kg 500 700 Feeding speed m/min 0-30
X/Y/Z travel mm 600×580×530 700×650×650 Rapid speed m/min 30
Dist. from spindle center to tale   X, Z/ball, Y/roller ATC capacity   24 positions/disc 40/chain/option, 3″
Dist. from spindle center to column mm 80-660 50-700 Positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Spindle inner taper mm 120-650 170-820 Repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Spindle speed   BT40 (BT50/option) BT50 (BT40/option) Total weight t 9 12
Spindle speed rpm 8000 (10000/option) 8000 (4500 roller gear/option) Dimensions m 2.5×3×2.6 3.9×3.2×2.7
Control system   Siemens 828D or Fanuc MF

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