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Vert./Hori. milling center

Vertical milling center:850,1060,1270

  • Product description:
    1. The Z axis adopts pneumatic and hydraulic balance, with high-speed dynamic response to meet high-speed processing (VC1060 /VC1270 standard).
    2. The full line model adopts Japanese THK high-speed high-precision heavy-duty line rail, and the Z-axis adopts a large-size roller type to ensure large cutting amount cutting, fast speed, high precision and strong rigidity, especially suitable for the processing of mass products and high-precision mold .
    3. The rock-solid long-span column can withstand the high inertia generated by high-speed movement. The base width is 850mm for 1000mm, 1060mm for 1200mm and 1270mm for 1200mm.
    4. Quenching work surface HRC48-52, can maintain accuracy for a long time, and wear is small.
    5. The sheet metal adopts the rear water discharge chip discharge 850/1060 (1270 is the front water discharge), and the chip high pressure water nozzle 1060/1270 is standard, which can quickly flush the chip.
    6. Optional direct-connected spindle or electric spindle (up to 18000rpm), optional spindle center outlet.
    7. The cooling of the spindle box adopts water cooling of the spindle box, which can effectively take away the heat of the spindle, and partially replace the spindle oil cooler, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. (VC1060 / VC1270 standard)
    8. Using Taiwan original high-quality spindle and Japanese P 4 grade spindle bearing, stable, high precision and durable.
    9. Adopt Japanese THK high-speed high-precision ball screw, diameter specifications: VC850 / VC1060 is 40 mm, VC1270 is 50 mm, good accuracy retention and high rigidity.
    10. Adopt Japanese P4-level ball screw special bearing with high precision and long service life.
    11. The machine tool has a fully closed loop scale mounting base, and it is very convenient to install the scale to upgrade the machine tool.
    12. The machine tool reserves the fourth axis joint and installation position.
    13. Excellent environmental performance, oil-water separation, fully recover rail oil.
    14. The coolant tank adopts three-layer filtration, which is stable and reliable for long-term use. The water tank is equipped with wheels and can be easily taken out for cleaning. The iron chip box of the rear-mounted water tank has a large inclined plane, and it is convenient for workers to rake the chip. The removable filter screen prevents cutting from entering the pump. The water tank reserves the installation position of the second water pump and the flushing slurry.
    15. Different from the plastic gas nozzle of other machine tools, this machine uses a unique 5 water + 2 gas stainless steel water nozzle, which can be adjusted to correspond to different tool lengths.
    16. Adopt Taiwan brand high-quality lubricating parts to ensure reliable and stable lubrication.
    17. Using high-quality high-speed stainless steel pull cover, stable and reliable.
    18. Sheet metal convenience design, there is a storage space under the system box, where you can place books, pens and commonly used hand tools and knives. Technical data can be placed in the electrical cabinet.
    19. Beautiful and reasonable air, water gun, hanging position. Especially when the water gun is hung, it is reasonable not to leak water.
    20. Using high-quality cables, stable anti-shielding performance.
    21. Using Japanese brand high-quality pneumatic components, stable and reliable.
    22. Electric cabinets are strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with European CE standards, carefully laid out and exported to Germany.
    23. Adopt German high quality coupling.
    24. Using Taiwan's high-quality tool magazine.
    25. Adopt high-quality chip conveyor.
    26. A pressure-retaining gas cylinder is used to maintain the pressure of the tool magazine to ensure that the tool magazine is stable from the influence of air pressure changes.
Parameters Unit VC850 VC1060 VC1270 Parameters Unit VC850 VC1060 VC1270
Table size mm 500×1000 600×1100 710×1300 Feeding speed m/min 48 32
T slot mm 5×18 18×5×100 5×18 Rapid speed m/min 48 32
Table loading Kg 600 800 900 ATC capacity   24 positions/disc
X/Y/Z travel mm 860×530×560 1000×600×600 1200×700×600 Positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Distance from spindle nose to tale mm 110-670 150-750 150-750 Repeated positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Distance from spindle center to Z guide way surface mm 580 650 810 Total weight Kg
6500 8800
Spindle speed mm 10000 /belt, 12000/15000/direct, 18000/24000/ (HSK A63)/electro spindle Dimensions mm 2600×2200×2600 950×2550×2600 3450×2800×2700
Spindle inner taper   BT40-150/BBT40 BT40-150 BT40-150/BT50-155 Control system mm Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi




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