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Vert./Hori. milling center

Exquisite vertical milling center: VC7135

  • Product description:
    1. Taiwan high-quality linear guide rails are adopted, and the Z-axis adopts roller type, which has fast speed, high precision and strong rigidity, and is especially suitable for the processing of large-volume products and high-precision molds.
    2. The use of high-quality spindle and high-precision spindle bearings, stable, high precision and durability.
    3. The small-span, long-span herringbone column with a base width of 700mm, combined with a strong fuselage base, can withstand the high inertia generated by high-speed motion and meet high-speed high-gloss processing.
    4. Quenching worktable HRC48-52, can maintain accuracy under long-term use, under wear.
Parameters Unit VM7135 VC7135 Paramters Unit VM7135 VC7135
Table size mm 1000×350 Feeding speed m/min 0-15
T slot mm 3×14 Rapid speed m/min X/Y:30, Z:15
Table loading Kg 400 ATC capacity   / 20/disc
X/Y/Z travel mm 660×360×510 Positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Dist. from spindle nose to tale   X/Y/Z:25 Repeatable positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Dist. from spindle center to column mm 100-610 Total weight Kg 2600
Spindle speed mm 440 Dimensions m 2.4×2.0×2.3
Spindle inner taper rpm 8000 Control system   Sienens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi




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