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Vert./Hori. milling center

Mini tapping machine:TC320

  • Product description:
    1. Install the clamp arm type tool magazine, which can provide high-speed tapping ability and quick tool change.
    2. Quenching work surface HRC48-52, can maintain accuracy and wear less for long-term use.
    3. A small, full-featured machining center that can realize ideas in the office.
    4. The three-axis Z axis is used as the roller line rail, which has fast speed, high precision and strong rigidity, and is especially suitable for the processing of large-volume products and high-precision molds.
    5. Direct spindle configuration is adopted, dynamic response is good, and high speed and high precision tapping can be achieved.
    6. Adopts the rear water discharge chip removal, front high pressure nozzle, can quickly flush the chips.
    7. Large-span fuselage base, good cutting performance, high-speed processing accuracy, and good finish.
Parameters Unit TC320 Parameters Unit TC320
Table size mm 350×310 Feeding speed m/min 32
T slot mm 3×14 Rapid speed m/min 32
Table loading Kg 100 ATC capacity   16
X/Y/Z travel mm 350×270×300 Positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Dist. from spindle nose to tale mm 100-400 Repeated positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Dist. from spindle center to column mm 340 Total weight Kg 1800
Spindle inner taper   BT30 Control system   Sienens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi

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