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Gantry moving gantry

Gantry movable milling center: One-body

  • Product description:
    1. Z-axis adopts 420*420 composite guide rail square ram, using linear guide rail to replace traditional inserts greatly improves the guiding accuracy, while retaining the rigidity of the square ram, especially suitable for the processing of large cutting volume and difficult-to-machine materials.
    2. The working table is fixed and the load is large. In theory, the working weight is not limited. When processing heavy workpieces, it is easy to obtain high contour accuracy, and because it is not affected by the weight of the workpiece, it can maintain accuracy for a long time.
    3. The company has developed the proprietary technology of composite guide rails, that is, a rectangular guide rail is added to the original two linear guide rails installed perpendicular to each other on the crossbeam, which lengthens the cutting resistance torque and the bearing area, which greatly increases the cutting. Resistance, effectively overcome the common weakness of gantry machine tools and large vertical plus cutting point cantilever too long.
    4. Y direction adopts our company's proprietary technology composite guide rails. Both heavy-duty linear guide rails and rectangular guide rails are used in both directions to effectively prevent the rapid movement and the overturning force of the gantry during cutting.
Parameter Unit VC2012L VC25/30/40-16L VC4020L VC3025L
Table size Mm 1000×2000 1400×2500/3000/4000 1800×4000 2300×3000
Table loading T 12 15/20/25 30 30
X1/X2 travel Mm 1200 1600/2100 2000/2500 2500/3000
Y/Z travel Mm 2000×700 2500/3200/4200×800 4200×1000 3200×1000
Distance from spindle nose to table Mm 300-1000 200-1000 (can be customized) 200-1200(can be customized)
ATC capacity   20 positions
Max. workpiece width Mm 1200 1600 2000 2500
Feeding speed m/min 0-15
Rapid speed m/min 15
Positioning/ repeat positioning precision Mm 0.01/0.005
Total weight Kg 16 20/24/32 33 33
Diemension (Without electrical cabinet) Mm 5200×3400×3200 5500/6000/6500×3750×3800 7800×4100×4000 6000×4550×4000
Control system   Siemens 828D or Fanuc MF, Siemens 840Dsl/ optional

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