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Crossbeam moving gantry

High speed and high precision series: Separated

  • Product description:
    1. The left and right guide rails are separated from the worktable, and the closed height can be adjusted freely.
    2. Adopt nut drive, the moving speed can reach 20m/min.
    The gantry with a height of more than 3.8 meters is driven by a rack and pinion. It adopts a synchronous dual-drive four-motor with the same direction difference to eliminate the movement structure, and the movement speed in the transmission direction can reach 30m/min.
    4. Japan THK high-speed and high-precision heavy-duty wire rail is used, and the Z axis uses four directions and four large-size roller-type wire rails to ensure large cutting volume, fast speed, high precision and super rigidity, especially suitable for large-volume products And high-precision mold processing.
    5. The original high-frequency high-speed electric spindle made in Germany or Italy is used, and the extremely low dynamic balance vibration can process the workpiece with extremely high finish and precision.
    6. Using high-quality high-speed stainless steel pull cover, stable and reliable.
    7. The company has developed the proprietary technology of composite guide rails, that is, adding a rectangular guide rail to the original two linear guide rails installed perpendicular to each other on the beam, which lengthens the cutting resistance torque and the bearing area, greatly increasing the cutting resistance , Effectively overcome the common weakness of gantry machine tool and large vertical plus cutting point cantilever too long.
    8. The linear rail mounting surface is finely ground by the rail grinding machine. The precision of the machine tool and the smoothness obtained by processing the workpiece are much better than the precision milling mounting surface.
    9. The fixed worktable has a large load, theoretically the weight of the workpiece is not limited, and it is easy to obtain higher contour accuracy when processing large and heavy workpieces.
    10. Since the load weight is an important consideration for the servo motor and system debugging, a stable or small load is an important factor for the stability of the servo motor and system during use. Since the moving weight is basically constant, it can be obtained and maintained High circular accuracy.
    11. Small footprint, 60% of the mobile gantry with the same specifications.
    12. Because the guide rail is on the side or the top of the workpiece processing range, it is easy to protect, so when processing the wear-resistant guide rail material, there is no need to consider too much, dust will enter the guide rail to accelerate wear. Especially suitable for ceramics, fiberglass, cast iron, etc.
    13. Adopt gas hydraulic balance system, the counterweight reaction is sensitive and stable.
    14. The beam movement adopts the international advanced ultra-precision synchronous drive technology, and the three servo loops of the position loop, current loop and speed loop are synchronized at the same time, which solves the problem of micro-swing when the position loop synchronizes the load difference between the two sides.
    15. Using German Mecano cantilever system, beautiful, safe, reliable and non-interference.
    16. The unique 6 water + 2 gas stainless steel water nozzle can be adjusted to correspond to different cutter lengths.
    17. Adopt Taiwan brand high-quality lubricating parts to ensure reliable and stable lubrication.
    18. Using high-quality cables, stable anti-shielding performance.
    19. Using Taiwan brand high-quality pneumatic components, stable and reliable.
    20. Electric cabinets are strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with European CE standards, carefully laid out and exported to Germany.
    21. Adopt German high-quality coupling.
    22. Adopt Taiwan high-quality tool magazine, specially designed automatic door for tool magazine, stable and reliable.
    23. Adopt high-quality chip conveyors which are lifted by the two-side spiral rear chain plate. There is also a safety pedal on the spiral chip conveyor.
    24.The long screw above 3 meters is supported by a unique linear guide rail with high support accuracy and small screw vibration.
Parameter Unit VC4025H/G VC6025H/G VC6030H/G VC8030H/G VC12030H/G
Table size Mm 2100×4000 2100×6000 2600×6000 2600×8000 2600×12000
Table loading T 30 40 50 65 80
X/Y/Z travel Mm 2500×4200×1200 2500×6200×1200 3000×6200×1200 3000×8200×1200 3000×12200×1200
Distance from spindle nose to table Mm 350- 1550 (can be customized)
ATC capacity   20 positions/ standard, 20 positions × 2,3,4 for option
Max workpiece height Mm 1500 (can be customized)
Max workpiece width MM 3160 3600
Feeding speed/ Rapid speed m/min 0-15/20 0-15/30
Positioning precision Mm 0.01
Repeat positioning precision Mm 0.005
Total weight T 60 75 78 102 130
Dimensions without electrical cabinet Mm 8200×5600×4500 10200×5600×4500 10200×6100×4500 12200×6100×4500 16200×6100×4500
Control system Siemens 828D or Fanuc MF, Siemens 840Dsl/ optional Siemens 840Dsl




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