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5-Axis gantry milling center

5-Axis gantry milling center: one-body

  • Product description:
    1. The worktable surface has been quenched, the hardness is HRC48-52, so the precision can be maintained well with long-term use and the wear is small.
    2. The whole linear guide rail adopts Japanese THK high-speed and high-precision ball screw, with good accuracy retention and high rigidity.
    3. Since the moving weight of the beam is fixed and not large, the two sides of the beam are directly connected to the lead screw through high-power servo motors, which effectively guarantees the accuracy of the machining contour without overcutting.
    4. Adopt Japanese THK high-speed, high-precision and heavy-duty linear guides, and the Z-axis adopts four large-size roller-type linear guides in four directions to ensure large amount cutting, fast speed, high precision, and strong rigidity, especially suitable for mass products processing of high-precision molds.
    5. Adopt the original five-axis head made in Germany or Italy. The low dynamic balance vibration can process workpieces with higher finish and precision. The stable and reliable high-precision double swing head can meet the requirements of processing high-demand five-axis parts.
    6. The use of high-quality high-speed stainless steel cover, stable and reliable.
    7. The company adopts composite guide rail technology. That is to say, a rectangular guide rail is added to the beam on the basis of the original two linear guide rails installed on perpendicular surfaces to extend the cutting resistance moment and bearing area, greatly increase the cutting resistance, and effectively overcomes the common weakness of the gantry machine tool and the large vertical cutting point cantilever that is too long.
    8. The linear guide rail installation surface is finely ground by the grinder, and the machine tool accuracy and the finish of the processed workpiece are much better than the installation surface milled.
    9. The worktable is fixed and has a large bearing capacity. Theoretically, the weight of the workpiece is not limited. When processing large and heavy workpieces, it is easy to obtain higher contour accuracy.
    10. Since the load weight is an important consideration of the servo motor and debugging system, a stable or small load is an important factor for the stability of the servo motor and the system during use. Because the moving weight is basically constant, it is possible to obtain and maintain a high circle accuracy.
    11. Area occupation is 60% of the movable gantry of the same specification worktable.
    12. Since the guide rail is on the side or upper surface of the workpiece processing range, it is easy to protect, so when processing easy-to-wear guide rail materials, there is no need to over consider that dust will enter the guide rail to accelerate wear. Especially suitable for ceramics, glass fiber, cast iron, etc.
    13. Adopte the pneumatic hydraulic balance system, and the configuration is sensitive and stable.
    14. The beam movement adopts advanced ultra-precision synchronous drive technology. The three servo loops of position loop, currency loop and speed loop are synchronized at the same time, which solves the problem of slight swing when the load difference between the two sides is synchronized by the single position loop.
    15. Adopt German Mecano cantilever system, which is beautiful, safe, reliable and wthout interference.
    16. The stainless steel nozzle with 6 water + 2 gas can be adjusted to correspond to different tool lengths.
    17. Adopt high-quality lubricating parts from Taiwan to ensure reliable and stable lubrication.
    18. Using high-quality cables, stable anti-shielding performance.
    19. Adopt Japanese high-quality pneumatic components, stable and reliable.
    20. The electrical cabinet is strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with European CE standards, with careful layout.
    21. Adopt German high-quality coupler.
    22. Adopt Taiwan high-quality tool magazine, specially designed automatic door of tool magazine, stable and reliable.
    23. The high-quality chip conveyor is lifted by the two-sided spiral rear chain plate, and there is a safety pedal on the screw chip conveyor.
    24. The linear guide rail is used to support the long screw rods over 3 meters, which has high support accuracy and small screw vibration.

Parameter Unit VC5A2516 VC5A3016 VC5A4016 VC5A3020
Table size Mm 1600×2500 1600×3200 1600×4000 2000×3200
Table loading T 15 20 25 30
X/Y/Z travel Mm 1600×2500×800 1600×3180×800 1600×4200×800 2000×3180×1000
Distance from spindle nose to table Mm 280-1080 (can be customized) 180-1180 (can be customized)
ATC capacity   20 positions
Max workpiece height Mm 1000 (can be customized)
Max workpiece width Mm 2000 2400
Feeding speed m/min 0-15
Rapid speed m/min 20
Positioning precision Mm 0.01
Repeat positioning precision Mm 0.005
Total weight T 34 39 42 40
Dimensions without electrical cabinet Mm 5500×4000×4300 6200×4000×4300 7400×4000×4300 6200×4400×4400
Control system   3+2 axis/ Siemens 828D, 5 axis/ Siemens 840Dsl

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