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Carving machine


  • Product description:
    1. Standard high-speed electric spindle, BT40 mechanical spindle can also be selected.
    2. The work table is quenched by HRC48-52, which can still maintain accuracy for a long time and has little wear.
    3. Optional chip conveyor, tool magazine, tool setting instrument.
    4. For the DX1280 /1611 model, the X-axis adopts patented technology composite guide rails, that is, a rectangular guide rail is added to the original two vertical linear guide rails on the beam, which greatly increases the chip resistance and solves the problem of the gantry machine tool spindle. The problem of poor processing rigidity at the lowest point.
    5. For the DX1280 /1611 model, the Z axis adopts four-wire rail vertical distribution, which improves the processing rigidity of the Z axis.
    6. The machine tool adopts gantry structure, large span design, good bearing capacity and strong rigidity. After two aging treatments, the machine tool has good stability and can effectively maintain mechanical accuracy for a long time.
Parameters Unit DX6070 Parameters Unit DX6070
Table size mm 600×700 Feeding,/rapid speed m/min 0-15/20
T slot mm 5×12×110 ATC capacity   Option: 8/umbrella
Table loading Kg 400 Position/repeatability accuracy mm 0.01/0.005
X/Y/Z travel mm 600×700×300 Total weight Kg 3500
Spindle speed rpm 24000(18000) Dimensions m 2.2×2.1×2.2
Spindle inner taper
Control system   Fagor/Spain, Lnc/Taiwan

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