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About us

History and Honor
In 1989, NingQing established as a private enterprise of Nanjing, a private of Jiangsu province.
In 1995, NingQing won the second award of Jiangsu province's COSTIND and third award of Jiangsu province's education commission.
In 2002, NingQing passed ISO9001:2008 International Standard Organization.
In 1999-2019, be regarded as Nanjing "Contract 
Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise".
In 2009, obtained "National High Technology Enterprise".
In 2010, four main series of NingQing was regarded as "Jiangsu Province Famous brand Goods".
In 2012, be regarded as "Nanjing 
Engineering and Technology Center".
In 2015, passed ISO14001, 18001 environment management and occupational Health and Safety Management Systems".
In 2017, crossbeam movable (Double-swing head) 5 Axis obtained Jiangsu Province "First Set 
Major equipment“.
In 2018, NingQing took part in one major item of 
Ministry of Science and Technology.
In 2019, Nanjing Ningqing with our 5-axis gantry participated in the EMO exhibition in Hannover, Germany, and received widespread attention.

Abundant experience of Goods development
NingQing has over 100 middle and high level professional technician.
NingQing has over 100 machine tools, owns development experience of several hundred Fixture tools, including CNC Machine tools, Hydraulic, Special Machines.
NingQing has integrate department of Design, Application, Manufacture, Sales and After- sales.
NingQing has advanced 3D design ability, mature dynamic and static limited nuit mold analysis ability and imitation ability, development cycle fast and reliable.

Powerful Manufacture Ability
The area of Nanjing headquarter is 30,000 square meters and Hunan has 20,000 square meters.
Several ten thousand manufacture experience of different series of equipment with production ability of thousand machines.
NingQing has an integrate production line of intelligent 5 face gantry milling machine, precise grinding machine of gantry guide ways and other fine machining machines.
NingQing equipped with laser collimator, tester of machine shock, 3D laser interferometer, ballbar and other high- end precise testing device.

Advanced Enterprise Informatization Management
Technology department manages production parameter, processing and resource by PDM software.

Manufacture department manages production, storage and purchase by ERP and equipped with advanced MES production system.
After-sales department regulates customer's requirement by CRM software.
Enterprise office dispatches staff by OA software.



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